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Welcome to Odins Klinge

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If you buy a piece of jewelery from us, you buy a piece of jewelery that is more than a piece of jewelery.
It's history. These are immortal tales. It is action, desire for adventure and innovation.
These are the values of the ancestors that you can take with you into a busy and modern everyday life.
It is a piece of jewelry that does not go out of fashion.
It's More Than A Jewelry.

Here at Odins Klinge, we have a large and exciting selection of Viking jewelery and museum jewelery.
We have both jewelry that is true copies of archeological finds and jewelry,
which is inspired by Nordic mythology, Viking ships and much more -
therefore go exploring and find exactly the jewelry you are looking for.

In Odin's tales you will find various stories from our ancestors, their mythology, runes and much more. 

In Viking News we discover you with all the latest news about the Viking Age. 

All shared on our facebook page.

Along with our historical jewelry, you get, as far as possible, a small description that contains
information about the motif: location, meaning, place of exhibition, amulet meaning, etc.

We wish you a pleasant stay on the site.


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