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How to find the right ring size
How to find the right ring size. When buying your Viking or historical ring, it is important that you choose the perfect size.
It must not be too small or too large, and the ring must be comfortable to wear. Here we show you 2 methods to find the right size.

We recommend that you use both of them to ensure that the size is as accurate as possible. In our shop, we use the circumference of the finger in mm as a ring size..

If a ring measures 54 mm in circumference, the size of the ring is 54. It is the most used method in Denmark.

What should you be aware of when measuring your finger?
Swelling It is important that your finger has its "normal" size when you measure it. (In heat and during pregnancy, your fingers may swell, in cold they may become smaller.)

Measure your finger when it has "room temperature". Ring width The width also influences the ring size. The recommended methods apply to rings with a width of 3-5 mm. If your desired ring is wider, select a half to an entire number larger.
If you have another suitable ring, it can also be used as a target.

If you are in doubt, you can contact us by email or phone - then we are ready to help you find your right Viking..

Method 1: Inside diameter in mm
Take a caliper or a ruler and measure the inside diameter in mm on the ring.
Indv. diameter in mm = size. 

14,9 = 47   19,1 = 60
15,2 = 48   19,4 = 61
15,6 = 49   19,7 = 62
15,9 = 50   20,0 = 63
16,2 = 51   20,3 = 64
16,5 = 52   20,7 = 65
16,8 = 53   21,0 = 66
17,2 = 54   21,3 = 67
17,5 = 55   21,6 = 68
17,8 = 56   21,9 = 69
18,1 = 57   22,2 = 70
18,4 = 58   22,5 = 71
18,7 = 59   22,8 = 72

Method 2: Inner circumference in mm
Take a measuring tape and measure the inside circumference of the ring in mm. It corresponds to the ring size. If the inner circumference is eg 58 mm, it corresponds to size 58.

If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a small strip of paper of approx. 8-10 cm:
Roll the paper around to fit inside the ring. Cut a small notch in the paper where it overlaps.
Now it is easy to measure the inside circumference with a ruler. 5.6 cm = 56 mm = ring size 56.

NB: Use both methods to ensure that you buy your Viking ring in the perfect size.
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