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Your guide to finding the right Viking jewelry

Here you will find a guide to finding your perfect Viking or museum piece of jewelery as well as a suitable necklace. The item number contains information about the material and the shape of the jewelry.

The first 2 digits of the item number indicate the material the jewelry is made of (05-301 for bronze, 06-301 for silver, etc.). The first digit after the hyphen indicates the shape of the piece of jewelry (eg 06-106 for ear studs, 06-306 for pendants, etc.). The numbers then indicate the specific design of the jewelry 06-106 = (a spiral). See the lists below.

Good to know: We are registered in the Precious Metals Control, which checks the metals at regular intervals.

Read more about the Precious Metal Control HERE.

The shapes:
06-115 = ear stud
06-215 = earring
06-315 = pendant
06-415 = rings
06-515 = brooch
06-615 = clips
06-715 = bracelet

Some examples:
06-315 = silver pendant no. 15
05-206 = bronze earring no. 06
10-347 = gold-plated pendant no. 47
06-128 = silver earring no. 28
08-734 = steel bracelet no. 34
07-358 = gold pendant no. 58

Now you can find out from the item number the material and what kind of jewelry you are looking at.

A chain for your pendant:
Our foxtail chains RH16 (ø 1.6mm), RH18 (ø 1.8mm) and RH20 (ø 2mm) as well as the leather cords / leather chains ø 2mm and ø 2.5mm fit all pendants. It is only your taste that determines the thickness.

Usually a large pendant looks better in a stronger chain than in a thin one, and some of our jewelery you can use an ø 3mm or thicker chain for. We carry leather cord for up to 8mm - which can only be used for one Thor's hammer. See the jewelry here.

You can see our selection of chains for your Viking museum jewelery HERE.

The various subcategories on the website should make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Here we have "Copies of archeological finds", "Thor's hammer - the most important symbol in the Nordic countries", "Rune jewelry", "Fenris chains" ... Otherwise the page is divided into "Silver", "Bronze", "Steel", "Gold ", and" Offers ".

If you are still in doubt, feel free to call or text 2136 0006. We will answer as soon as we can.

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