Old to new and new to old = NEW LOGO

We have a new logo - the rest is unchanged. In the future, Odin's Klinge and More Than a Jewelry will appear as our ancestors would have chopped it in wood, stone, bone or iron, namely in runes. The logo is shaped like a coin, which we call Odin's coin.

In the middle you see Othala, the rune of the ancestor Odin, the king of the Aesir and omniscient. Odin is closely linked to the runes, shield art, wind, war, magic, ecstasy, death and wisdom and should therefore no doubt be at the center of our coin. Furthermore, this rune also has a strong connection to our homeland Denmark and the Nordic countries - as it also means "heritage land" or "homeland" It is important to emphasize that we are a Danish company - and it is Danish history we sell.

Around Othala, four other runes are placed, pointing in different directions to the world: north, south, west and east, as well as on a compass, illustrating the Vikings' desire for adventure, drive and drive. Precisely these qualities we consider important in our busy lives and think it is amazing how we can still learn something from our ancestors.

We have had our name Odins Klinge for the last 25 years. The name is related to the old sagas of the ancestor Odin and the Edda Mythology, especially the tale of Odin's "shaking spear" Gungner, made by the dwarves Brok and Sindre. It is all-pervading, and the blade is provided with runic inscriptions - the very same runes that we use today in our new old coin. What would suit the King of Gods better than associations about his spear?!?

Our slogan More Than a Jewelry is an expression that the jewelry is much more than the visible: It is history. It's faith. These are immortal tales. It is action, desire for adventure and innovation. It is the values ​​of the ancestors that can be taken into a busy and modern everyday life. It is a piece of jewelry that does not go out of fashion. In short: More Than A Jewelry…

Here you can read more about the rune alphabet futhark, which we have used in our new coin.

Between Odin's Klinge and More Than a Jewelry we have placed two knots representing the Celtic age. The Celts made amazing patterns and knots, and their unique designs spread throughout the Western world, especially in Britain. Our range includes a lot of Celtic jewelry - another good reason to use the beautiful Celtic knot in our new logo.

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