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Nordic mythology and gods in Nordic mythology

Nordic mythology and gods in Nordic mythology
The Vikings believed in Nordic mythology and the many gods who belonged to this belief.
The head of the gods, Odin, got his information from his two ravens Hugin and Munin. They each flew
only day out in the world and observed and reported everything back to Odin, who thereby remained

Each god had different strengths and weaknesses. They had human traits and behaved
also as people with individual feelings and strife. In the sagas and on some
figurines are the gods depicted as human figures and figures.
Although the gods appeared human, it was still clear to the Vikings that one must not
make the gods angry. They therefore held sacrificial feasts for the gods.


The chief of the gods was the one-eyed Odin. He had sacrificed his one eye to Mimer to be allowed to
to drink from the source of wisdom. He was both god of war and death and reigned in Valhal - they were killed
hall - where all the Vikings landed who died in battle. Odin was largely worshiped by kings,
warlords and their retinue. Read more about Odin


Thor was the god of war. He made lightning and thunder as he rode on his chariot, pulled by goats, meanwhile
he swung his hammer over the clouds. With his hammer, which had been given the name Mjølner, could
Thor fight the evil giants who lived in Udgård. Thor was worshiped by most Vikings then
he stood for physical strength, which everyone could relate to. Read more about Thor and Mjølner


Loki originally descended from the giant family, but both lived and were respected by the gods in
Asgård he had mixed blood with Odin. He was known for being cunning and unreliable, he
had in fact several times cheated both giants and gods to play them off against each other. He
was a good liar and extremely cunning, which is why the gods need him too. It is said that he
has tricked the cunning dwarves into forging more magical objects for the gods, not least Mjølner.
See the jewelery by Loki which has been found on Bornholm

Frej and Freja

Frey was associated with fertility and good harvest, he made the fields grow. Frejs
twin sister Freya was the most beautiful of all the female gods and she lived in her farm
Folkvang in Asgård. She was the goddess of love and fertility.
They were both some beloved gods, as many peasants were both dependent on good harvest and
fertility. See jewelry with Freja

This list will eventually become more complete - But so far it is the most important people we have addressed.

Year and Peace.

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