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The saga of Thor's encounter with the Midgard Serpent

Thor came one evening to the farm of the giant Hymer, and when it was late he was allowed to stay there at night. Early the next morning, Hymer got up, got dressed, and got ready to row out to sea to catch fish.

Thor woke up at the same time and asked Hymer for permission to come along, but Hymer said that such a splice would not be of much use and would probably be frightened when they got so far out that they could no longer see land. That answer made Thor so mad in the head that he had almost slapped Mjølner in the head at Hymer, but he reconsidered and replied that Hymer could just row as far as he wanted and that it would not be him who would first ask to turn around!

He now asked Hymer what they should use for bait, to which Hymer replied that he had to find out for himself. Hymer had a herd of oxen walking in a field right next door, of which he was very proud. Especially the big bull "The Sky Roar" was his favorite animal. Thor went straight to the bull, and with a snap he took it by the horns and twisted its head off. Hymer became somewhat angry, but he dared not say anything.

Hymer then pushed the boat ashore, sat down in the bow and began to row. Thor also took a couple of oars and sat in the back of the boat, and then there was serious speed and the boat flew over the water with foam spray for the bow.

After rowing for some time, Hymer said they had now reached the fishing spot where he used to catch flounder. Thor said he wanted to go further, so they continued for a while longer. Now Hymer began to get nervous and said that now they had come so far that they could encounter the Midgard Serpent, but Thor would not stop yet.

Eventually, Thor stopped rowing and put the oars in the boat. Then he should have the fishing tackle ready. He took the boat's anchor and anchor rope and used as hook and line. The beef stew was put on the anchor and then he threw it far out into the water. Barely had the anchor reached the bottom before there was a bite, and what a jerk it gave. It pulled so hard on the line that both Thor's fists thundered against the railing with a bang.

Then Thor became angry. He fastened his strength belt, and tuned his feet hard against the bottom of the boat. The boat was then pulled at wild speed here and there, and at last Thor pulled so hard that both his feet went through the bottom of the boat and he now stood with his feet on the seabed. Then he almost hauled the line in and could now see that it was the Midgard Serpent who had gone on the hook. Thor held on to the line with one hand so that its head was held high above the water, while with the other he grabbed the mjölnir to give the worm a proper one on the forehead. Meanwhile, the worm hissed and vomited spiders and venom, and Hymer became pale and terrified at the sight of him grabbing an ax and chopping the line over so that the worm sank back into the sea. Thor then angrily threw the hammer after it and then chilled Hymer overboard, so that he had to swim ashore, whereupon Thor himself waded ashore, still with his legs through the bottom of the boat.


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