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Copies of archaeological finds

Copies of archaeological finds

On this page you will find Odin's blade copies of archaeological finds, both from the Bronze Age and the Viking Age.
We have reconstructed the jewelery so that it looks beautiful and whole and looks like the ones you can find in museums and exhibitions around Denmark.
See the special rings, buckles, emblems and bracelets in bronze, silver and gold, for men and women as well as information about origin, exhibition venue, venue etc.

Rings were already used at that time for engagement, betrothal and marriage, for example this beautiful and unique engagement ring that symbolizes love and fidelity

At Odins Klinge you will also find Denmark's largest selection of pendants for the necklace,
eg. Freja (the goddess of love and fertility, found at Tissø), the Hedeby coinan owl for wisdom , en a Valkyrie emblem of The Great Jelling Stone or Odin's mask.
If you love Viking history and find its background exciting, it is definitely worth the attention.

If you have found your favorite, but are missing the necklace, do not be afraid. Just take a look past our necklaces.

We also offer a simple, yet unique leather bracelet with an emblem by Freja, found at Tissø in Denmark. It fits perfectly with someone you love.

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