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Rune jewelry

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Runes - the written language of the Viking and Iron Ages

We all know the Jelling Stone, and The Great Jelling Stone is the best known example of the written runic language in Denmark.
Here Harald Bluetooth announced his political achievements for posterity. The Harald who won Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christian.

It was not only Harald Blåtand who used runes. During most of the Iron Age and Viking Age, written culture was. There are many finds from the Viking Age, where runes have been used to describe events, actions and situations.

At Odins Klinge we have a large selection of rune jewelery: rings, pendants, necklaces, ear studs and rings, beard and hair beads, and if you are looking for a very unique piece of jewelery, you can surely match your outfit with one of the runes from this category.
You can also wear the initials of someone you care about.

Read more about the Vikings' runic script HERE

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