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We have produced 9 different rune stones in the miniature version of the original stones.
Therefore, you can now have the historical stones standing on your shelf, desk or bedside table in memory of the Vikings and our history they carved into the giant stones. so that today we can still read the tales of the declining wars.
That is what the runestone is - it is in memory of the dead. Of course, it was only the powerful and rich people who had a stone erected after their death in memory of their great deeds and honors they deserved.
These large giant stones were erected to be seen and painted in bold colors. the place they were erected was typically to a busy place (roads or bridges) - as many as possible saw the stone.
It was not a graveyard but a memorial

With these rune stones you get the Vikings close by - here you get the names of those who lived and died - and about the Vikings' travels out into the world, their war exploits and about the fate the Vikings also lived with in their time. 

All over Scandinavia you will find rune stones - which were erected in the Viking Age. The vast majority are in Sweden (over 3000) while in Denmark we have 250 standing.

We have therefore collected a little from all over Scandinavia - sheep they can all tell a story and their decoration is in a very special class.


Our rune stone is made of something called polystone - in short, it is the stone that is masted into stone flour - it is subsequently mixed with some polyester and put in the mold.
This mixture means that when you lift and feel the stone, it is heavy and cold. It is a "real" stone.  

The rune stones we have produced are as follows: and you can read each of their descriptions inside each one.

The Great Runestone from Jelling
Runestone from Aarhus
Runestone from Uppsala/SE
Runestone from Uppsala/SE
Runestone "Ardre III" from Gotland/SE
Ingvar runestone (SE)
Runestone from Uppsala/SE
Runestone from Hjermind
Ingvar runestone (SE)

Due to the heavy weight - we can only send rune stones to the parcel shop. 

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