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Ring Open twists

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How do I find my ring size?

Ring size
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13 mm wide -
Showing the skills of the blacksmith from Nordic mythology.

Knots without ends were a symbol of life with its eternal change and of
central importance for the people of the time.

Rings, originally often bangles, were used for decoration but also as a means of payment. In the Viking Age, it was common to swear allegiance to one's chief through various ceremonies: in the sword ceremony, the chief holds the sword above his knees, and the one who was to serve sat in front and placed his hand on the sword hilt; in another ceremony, the servant received a gift from his chief, who was now indebted to the giver. The debt was paid through loyal service. After these ceremonies, a gold ring was usually exchanged, a symbol of the covenant between the chief and his servant. With the ring, the oath was locked into an eternal circle. 

Vikings ca. 800 - 1100 AD

How to find the right ring size

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