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Viking and Museum jewelry

Viking and Museum jewelry

At Odinsklinge we offer a sea of ​​Viking jewelry and museum jewelry for every taste.
The Viking jewelry at Odins Klinge is inspired by the stories from Nordic mythology and
all have a very stylish expression, which suits most women and men. Are you looking?
after a new piece of jewelry that also has an interesting story or look, you have landed
the right place. With us, you are guaranteed a piece of jewelry of good quality.

Back in time, jewelry was a big part of the Vikings' identity. Like today's men and
women, the vikings also dressed according to age, gender and economy. The upper class showed off
wealth by dressing with many and extremely beautiful jewelry.
The Vikings decorated their clothes and bodies with numerous pieces of jewelery that can be found in miscellaneous items today
museums. They used bracelets, bracelets, necklaces and pendants for necklaces as well as rings and
buckles - which can also be found with us. Some jewelry was for decoration and could
show wealth, others had symbolic value. For example, the much talked about Thor's hammer.

The jewelry was made of various materials, including wood, glass, amber, steel, bronze,
silver and gold. Furthermore, they were often decorated with images of the gods, geometric figures,
braided ribbons, animals and animal heads.

We have done our best to make jewelry similar to those at the museums.
We have also made a page where you can see faithful copies of archaeological finds. Here you can stay
inspired, find unique and beautiful jewelry and read where and when the original jewelry is
been found and exhibited. We call it our own little digital museum.

Whether you are into jewelry in steel, bronze, silver and/or gold - Odins Klinge has jewelry in all

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