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If you choose to have a Viking electricity packed. museum jewelry with us, you also get a wrap that takes you or your loved one back in time.

How often do you break a seal? - The recipient of the jewelry gets the opportunity here.

We first pack it in a suitable box, along with a description of the jewelry.
The box and a small fly around us we come in a brown paper bag, made of recycled paper,

Then it seals with our salmon seal showing our new logo, written in runes from the old futhark rune alphabet.
(Read more about our logo - Read more about the rune alphabet)

The same logo also adorns the bag in black.

To break the seal, we have put a small brown string in the paint.

Do you buy several pieces of jewelery to be packed in one package, e.g. a pendant and a necklace, of course, you do not have to pay for 2 wraps. Write in the comment field which jewelery should be packed together, then we will do the rest and only deduct money for the actual number of wraps.

This extra opportunity to go back in time costs € 1,40 per wrap. Below they can see pictures of our different gift wrapping.

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