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Perhaps the history of Denmark should be rewritten: Excavations reveal a 50-meter-long Viking hall.

In the past year, archaeologists have had their nose in Fredericia's soil, and recently they found a hitherto undescribed page of Danish history.

At a high point just south of Fredericia, archaeologists have found the remains of a Viking hall that has been up to 50 meters long.

"We are really high up with our arms. I can only think of a few individual gold finds that were even bigger, but who knows what we will find when we start digging", says Mads Ravn, head of research and museum inspector at VejleMuseerne, while he literally has his arms high above his head. Mads Ravn does not hide his enthusiasm.

"On a scale from zero to ten, this is 9.5. And that is because, of course, something bigger can come and because no gold has been found. Socially and structurally, it is the largest. farm that has been found for a long time in Jutland from this time ", he says.

Perhaps a new chapter in Danish history

According to Christian Juel, archaeologist, the hall may help to explain what the royal power in Denmark looked like before Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth.

"The new findings support the theory of a strong kingdom formation in Denmark, long before Harald Bluetooth wrote it on Jellingstenen. We have had a sense of it on the basis of a number of written sources, but now we have found the key to document it", says Christian Juel, archaeologist and museum inspector at the Vejle Museums.

Previously, it was thought that the fortifications at Erritsø date from around the ninth century, but the new finds indicate that the buildings are even older and that they may date from a time when we do not know all of Denmark's kings.

The hall has been heavily fortified with several surrounding buildings. The load-bearing columns have had a thickness of one meter, which means that the ceiling height may have been up to 10 meters.

This article was published in tvs - Written by Thor Hedegaard.

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