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Visit the Vikings in Denmark 

The Danish summer country offers many exciting activities for the whole family. Here you get a list of 10 Viking-related places that we would recommend you to go to when you are in the area. With the influence of our ancestors on our history, Denmark can offer something that only very few countries can: the Viking Age, our common past, tells so much, and the various excavations throughout the country unveil even more. The places are different and range widely, but all are about the Vikings. Recreated villages, large religious monuments and archeological finds, working Vikings etc. can be experienced. And remember that there is a discount on admission to many of the places mentioned. Unique experiences await you on the journey back in time. Really good fun and really good summer.

1: Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

The museum with a focus on the Vikings' sailing art and the fantastic development in shipping. 5 world-famous Viking ships, both original and reconstructed, will take you on a voyage at sea. Throughout the summer, several activities are offered at the museum, which is located by Roskilde Fjord.
Roskilde Viking Ship Museum Windshields 12 - 4000 Roskilde

2: Ring castle Fyrkat

It was King Harald Bluetooth who built the ring castle in North Jutland in 980. The castle consists of an earthen rampart and records of the 16 longhouses that originally stood within the rampart. One of these houses has been reconstructed outside the castle ring. Close to the castle is the Viking farm, which consists of 9 houses and 1 manor house. Various activities are offered here during the summer. The children can have fun and burn gunpowder on the mythological playground.
Ring castle Fyrkat Fyrkatvej 37 B & Fyrkatvej 45 - 9500 Hobro

3: Ribe Viking Center

Ribe is Denmark's oldest city, which is believed to have been built in the 700s. The Viking Center offers many experiences for everyone and a unique opportunity to take a time machine back to the Viking Age. It is the living history that is at the forefront here, and the many volunteers make the place completely unique. Try your hand at life as a Viking at Ribe Vikinge Center Lustrupvej 4 - 6760 Ribe

4: Sagnlandet Lejre

Here you can experience how the Vikings worked almost 1,300 years ago. Among other things. the weaving workshop, the pottery and the smithy produce copies of handicrafts from historical and prehistoric times. IMPORTANT! The legendary land of Lejre has just recreated Denmark's largest royal hall. It becomes part of the reconstructed Viking environment.
Sagnlandet Lejre Slangealleen 2 - 4320 Lejre

5: Viking Museum Ladby

If you take Denmark around and hit Funen, the Ladby ship awaits in Kerteminde with the only preserved ship burial site from the Viking Age. The burial mound with the ship was found at this place in 1935 and dates back to 900-950 AD. A reconstructed Viking ship is launched every year and the audience can get really close. The Viking Museum has a completely unique location, and on a short walk you meet the burial ground.

Many archeological finds in a class of their own have been made on the site, e.g. The Revninge woman who was found in a field near Revninge in April 2014 and is exhibited at the museum. The small figure of 4.6 cm is made of silver and dated to around the year 800You can buy a copy HERE.

Viking Museum Ladby Vikingevej 123 - 5300 Kerteminde

6: The National Museum

Of course, we can not get around the National Museum, which collects the finds from all over the country and exhibits the most beautiful objects from the Viking Age. Those interested in history can spend several days here, and we would especially like to draw attention to the special exhibition The Vikings Are Coming. It is the Danish designer Jim Lyngvild who has put a face on our famous and infamous ancestors, the Vikings. At the National Museum, there are lots of archeological objects from the Viking Age found around the country, including Thor's hammers, Freja, bracelets, coins, suit buckles etc. See our range of archaeological finds HER.
Nationalmuseet Ny Vestergade 10 - 1471 København K

7: The Jelling Monuments (UNESCO)

Almost all Danes know the story of Harald Bluetooth, who Christianized the Danes, and the two large rune stones that he had erected. The Jelling stones are important symbols of our Danish history, but you have no idea how big and breathtaking they really are before you stand in front of them! The stones are located by Jelling Church and a few meters from Halald's magnificent Viking facility. From the top of the burial mound you have an incredible view. The new experience center Kongernes Jelling offers a journey back in time with exciting stories. The exhibition is interactive, so anyone familiar with an iPad can join in and be caught in this time warp.

The Jelling monuments are described as Europe's most distinguished from the Viking Age and are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can buy a miniature version of The Great Jelling Stone HERE.

8: Trelleborg

Around the country there are mighty fortresses, which have been Denmark's defense against enemies. The castle at Trelleborg was built by King Harald Bluetooth as a defense against the enemy to the south, the German emperor. In this historic place with the violence and the moat, you can feel how it must have acted as a defense defense around the 900s. Inside are the markings of the longhouses that were then protected by the ring castle. Many activities are offered for the whole family.
Trelleborg Trelleborg Allé 4 - 4200 Slagelse

9: Viking Fortress Borgring

Viking fortress Borgring near Køge offers the whole family to get up close and follow the archaeologists' excavations of this castle. There are still many questions after the discovery of the castle ring that may be answered through the work of archaeologists. From the container center, the excavation can be seen from the heights, and to visualize the impressive size of the castle and the magnificent engineering of the Vikings, the museum has staged monuments that make the castle rise from the ground. 3d glasses bring the work of archaeologists even closer, and an app presents the many archaeological finds from the site.
Viking castle is located just off exit 33 Lellinge on E47. Viking Fortress Borgring by Køge

10: Lindholm Høje Museum

Up in North Jutland is the Lindholm High Museum, a huge burial ground, which was used from approx. 400 and up to approx. 1,000s, and one of the most beautiful historical Viking sites in Denmark. The many stone monuments mark almost 700 fire pits from that time. Both oval, triangular and ship-shaped monuments can be seen. The oval and circular ones are believed to be women's tombstones, while the ship-shaped ones were used exclusively for rich and significant men. Lindholm Høje consists of two museums: one is about the Viking Age and life at Lindholm Høje, the other about antiquity.
Lindholm Høje Museum Vendilavej 11 - 9400 Nørresundby

Really good trip around the Danish summer country. 

Year and peace. 

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